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 When you need a hotel in Kyiv at a reasonable price that means you are planning a trip to the capital, for personal of business matters. And quite often the reservation of the hotel room makes the company, not the Client. In that way, sometimes the Customer is acquainted with the hotel directly on arrival. Meanwhile, the price on rooms in the hotels doesn’t bother him – more important is the convenience of the hotel accommodation and its location (as a rule, people who come to Kiev on business issues try to settle not far away from the place, where the meeting will take place).

Hotel in Kiev “Alexandria” is famous not only for its comfort and service, but also for its reasonable prices for rooms. The Client chooses an appropriate room according to his or her own needs and preferences. For example, one person can choose a single room, presented in 2 categories: basic and with an increased comfort. Double rooms are suitable for two people – most often such rooms are taken by those who come to Kiev on their business matters, at meetings, conferences and seminars: 2-room apartments in “Alexandria” belong to the category Deluxe, and 3-room apartments – as Deluxe Comfort. The cost on accommodation varies from 650 to 1300 hryvnyas/day. For complete information how to choose the best room in the hotel for a comfortable stay you should contact the administrator – online or by phone.


The reservation of the hotel room in Kiev provides for certain amount of Client’s awareness about the quality and number of rooms, but if the Client wants to change the room by arriving to hotel (that one, booked earlier), the administrator can propose another available room for him.

Location, service, price level in relation to the level of the hotel — objectively, "Alexandria" can be called one of the best hotels.

"Alexandria" Hotel

Comfortable hotel in "Alexandria" Kyiv welcomes each guest, ready to place guests in the 37-comfortable rooms.




03113 Ukraine Kiev,

Pobedy prospect, 62-a



+38 (044) 333-39-94

+38 (097) 013-20-73



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